Insuring Your New DeTray’s Custom Home

How is your new home investment covered in case of accident or damage?  The factory and hauling company insure your home until it arrives on your prepared site, then you become responsible for damages.

Most lenders stipulate that you purchase “Hazard Insurance” (Homeowner Insurance) to cover 100% of replacement costs, and that you keep your home insured throughout the duration of the mortgage.  To protect your investment, DeTrays requires a copy of this “Insurance Binder” before the home is delivered.

Work with an insurance agent to purchase appropriate “hazard insurance”

Homeowners insurance covers your house, personal property, and liability.  Repairs from damage to the home, loss of personal property from theft or fire, and protection from law suits if others are injured on your property, can be covered by your policy.  It also reimburses you for additional living expenses if you are forced to move out of your house while it’s being repaired.  Common perils that are covered by Homeowners insurance are lightning damage, house fires, wind damage, and theft.  Additional coverage can be added for Earthquake, flood, expensive art, collections etc.  Be sure to compare coverage and pricing.

With proper insurance coverage you can have peace of mind and relax, as you make happy memories in your beautiful DeTray’s home.

Lora Whitemarsh

Lora Whitemarsh
DeTray’s Housing Consultant