Benefits of Factory Construction

In a previous article, we covered what factory construction is for manufactured houses. There are many benefits that go with this method of building a home.

Factory Building Facility

Purchasing Power

Volume buying of everything from lumber to kitchen sinks, and having it all delivered in large lots to the same location gives manufacturers great pricing leverage to drive down costs from suppliers.

Climate controlled

Construction is never halted due to rain, snow or temperature extremes, saving expensive downtime and keeping construction on schedule.

Steady, Professional Workforce

The same craftsmen are on the job every day, each of them an expert at their particular construction specialty.

Perfect Paint Every Time

Interior and exterior painting is done indoors, where it’s always the right temperature, humidity and lighting conditions.


Homes are protected from theft, weather damage and vandalism throughout the construction process.


Every professional involved in the construction process – designers, engineers, craftsmen, supervisors, inspectors – are together under one roof.

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Michelle Dux
DeTray’s Housing Consultant