The Time is Now

2020, can you believe it?  Twenty short years ago Y2K was looming on the horizon. People were worried that everything would collapse when the computers changed to the new century.  Nothing actually fell apart and life as we know it continued.

It seems like there is always a reason to worry and put off making big decisions. However, not making a decision to move forward is actually a decision to keep things as they are. 

Those who purchased a home in 1999 are 2/3 of the way through their mortgage, with very low payments and tens of thousands in equity. 

There is still land available. Interest rates remain low. Building materials and labor costs will continue to rise. Decide to take advantage of these circumstances in 2020.  Don’t procrastinate.  Come see me!

Lora Whitemarsh

Lora Whitemarsh
DeTray’s Housing Consultant
(253) 840 6773

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