Factory Tour of Kit Homebuilders West

Our recent Kit Homebuilders West Factory Tour was impressive and informative. Several factors impressed me from the beginning. The first is that the Factory Tours are conducted by management, not just anyone on site. Kit feels that if someone is willing to take the time to come to Caldwell, Idaho to consider their homes, then they will show them the respect that such a visit deserves. We were given a comfortable room at a clean and modern hotel nearby. We had a delicious meal that evening that was provided by a local restaurant and a great breakfast at the hotel the following morning before our tour. We had a rental car, since we flew over to Boise first, however, I am sure someone would have picked us up if needed.

The tour lasted a few hours with all aspects of the factory on view to see. Many homes were being staged with many more being constructed under the immense roof. Workers were performing tasks from basic to complicated with skill and craftsmanship. These homes were inspected and re-inspected at multiple levels of completion. I always liked the slogan, “the quality goes in before the name goes on”. While not this factory’s slogan, it certainly could be.

This was a most memorable trip and in turn, I hope to share some of the beauty and unique features that I observed at Kit Homebuilders West with others. So, if you’re looking for value and comfort built into your next custom home, let DeTray’s and Kit team up to serve your needs.

Happy touring!

Mike Buck

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