Be a Smart and Informed Consumer

Today we are so informed on so many consumer goods, from vehicles to homes. The internet provides us with all the information you could need or want, but it does not differentiate a good deal or a bad purchase. Only you can determine that!

I have been in the manufactured home industry for many years now and I can give you an example of an uninformed buyer. I received a phone call from a gentleman asking about a particular sized home and wanted a base price (stock model). When I have him the base price, he was floored. Then he told me he had a much lower price off the internet (Oregon dealer). So I said, why didn’t you buy it if it was such a deal?

He was unaware that the online, out-of-state purchase DID NOT include sales tax, delivery to the site, a normal block set, an interior finish and carpet installed or cleaning of the home.

“Out-of-state” purchases may contain risks to the consumer, here are some RED FLAGS to be aware of:

  • The seller may not be licensed or bonded
  • A pre-payment may require 100% total due before delivery, if the home you ordered is not what you wanted, you have no leverage or recourse
  • “Out-of-State” dealers are not required to carry insurance through delivery of the home
  • The dealer may not be required to give a home warranty once transported across the state line

In the State of Washington, retailers are licensed, bonded and subject to laws designed to protect you, the consumer.  For more information, you may contact our governing agencies, Northwest Housing Association, Labor & Industries and the Department of Licensing.


Happy House Hunting!

Marlene Lemoine, Sr. Housing Consultant

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