The Time to Act is Now!

Do you have land? Should you move forward at this time to have your dream home built, remove and replace an old “trailer”, or add an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit)?  The costs will continue to go up on both the house and the site-prep work. The prices have skyrocketed since Covid shut down so many businesses.The cost of every component is up, and it is difficult to get parts and supplies. Workers in every field are demanding higher wages. That forces prices even higher. On top of that, interest rates are climbing up. 

“I should have done this before!” can’t be helped now. Wouldn’t you rather look back in 2023 and say “I’m GLAD I did it then!” You will be enjoying your beautiful, custom, one-level manufactured home, on your big property, with a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. In the meantime, house and development costs, interest rates, delays and inflation will continue to soar, and you will not be affected by the chaos.  We truly believe you will regret not putting a home on the property as soon as possible. 

Come in and let us help you!

Lora Whitemarsh, DeTray’s Custom Housing Consultant

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