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It is that time of year that we wake up and realize there is less time to get shopping, travel plans, and decorating completed. I love this time of year though, now more than ever. It wasn’t long ago that I would get stressed out and feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things that was required to do, and to do everything that everyone demands get done. How do you balance the chaos? I found the simple solution: Just let life happen. Here at DeTrays Custom Housing, we will be hosting a Holiday Open House. It will be December 1st & 2nd. We have our new 2013 models completed, furnished with décor. We worked hard to get this together for everyone’s review and hope many of you will stop to tour the new models. These new manufactured homes can be built to manufactured home specifications or modular code, whatever is best for the customer. Please see our website for more details www.detrayscustomhousing.com


This is also the time of year we review our projections for 2012. I was recently provided with several interesting statistics regarding sales and service. I always have a personal goal to be number 1 in both sales and service, but now we really get to see where we stack up. DeTrays Custom Housing closed enough homes this year to currently be ranked the fifth overall manufactured home dealer in the state. With over a month to go, I feel we met our goals, as we increased sales over the last five years, year after year. At the same time, our overall service reports; or Customer Satisfaction Index, shows the level of performance increasing year after year. Last month we were offered a marketing venture by the Better Business Bureau to be on  BBB TV advertising, honoring DeTrays Custom Housing with their “A+” rating. One of our home builders also rates us as the “top performing service partner” outperforming other dealers in the Northwest.


This is great stuff, but let’s all remember why we do this: Family, friends and a warm place to call home is the real goal. Many of our customers over this last year had terrible tragedies in their life, which in turn brought them to our place of business. We replaced several homes due to fire losses, and a couple from wind storm losses. Some folks lost a loved one or family member, resulting in the need to move into a smaller home. Economics circumstances played into many families’ lives over the last couple years, creating housing issues that made it necessary to change. The stories we are told by our customers sometimes break your heart, but when their new home is complete, and their lives return to some form of “normal”, we get to see and feel the gratitude of recovery. It makes you appreciate the fact we are providing a “home” and not just a place to live, and the “numbers” really aren’t that important any longer.

Happy Holidays and hope to see you soon.

Dana DeTray

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