Land-Home Packages vs. Home Only in Planned Community

MarleneGreetings to all!

Today I will talk about our Land/Home packages vs Home Only in a planned community.

The home choices you make today can depend on where you are in life!
During my many years in the industry I have personally owned 4 manufactured homes. I am currently in a planned senior community. I like the fact that I can have a home built to my needs and wants.
The “Silver Tsunami” is here according to “AARP”. Our baby boomers are arriving in “bus loads”, a whole new group of folks that are now looking to make life changing decisions such as ; relocating to get closer to kids and grandchildren, downsizing from large homes with stairs and moving out of the city to a less congested area avoiding ever-rising property taxes.

Our unique custom-ordered homes can be placed where you want to live.
We service the state of Washington and are able to assist you wherever you chose to reside.

1.  The cost of the HOME is ordered to suite your budget, needs and wants.
2.  The cost of the LAND is making the choice of location, size of property and neighborhood.
3.  The DEVELOPMENT costs; involves permits, water, sewer or septic and electric installation. Many buyers are also wanting carports or garages.
You will get a full itemized written bid required by your lender.

This is a New Construction Manufactured Home Loan which consists of the 3 components wrapped up into one loan package. This can be financed as a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Once you have chosen a parcel of land you are able to return to your local dealer and start the process. This project becomes real estate.

1.  The cost of the HOME custom-ordered to your budget, needs and wants.
2.  The cost of the park-package requirement; such as type of skirting, decks, carports or garages.
3.  Leased land; when you come upon a newer development you have choice lots.

This purchase is considered Personal Property. There are many advantages to going into a planned community. Many communities offer amenities such as; Clubhouse, swimming pools, golf, social events and much more! Your responsibility is only the home maintenance. Everything in the ground is the owner’s responsibility. Not only is your tax structure different because it is personal property, calculated at a different rate, you may also qualify for tax exemptions.

Wishing the best housing choices for you!
Marlene LeMoine