Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

How can you make someone a Merry Christmas?
Call to wish them a Merry Christmas, stop by their home to say hello, invite them to church or a school function, maybe your church is having a Christmas event you plan to attend. Offer to take someone out for a drive or invite them to Christmas dinner. And if you are trying to figure out what type of gift to get, a simple but thoughtful one is wine, exotic chocolates, spa products, fancy coffee beans or teas. But the best gift above all is by being cheerful, happy and wishing them well.

Merry Christmas



Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa is Coming! Tips for Helping Kids Sit & Smile with Santa. Also, Checkout DeTray’s Christmas Retreat Pictures 2015


Each year many parents are determined to have their children sit on Santa and smile. Some are successful, some are not. Many children will cling to parents with fear, so Santa encourages family members to sit in the picture too. One big happy family picture on Santa’s lap – poor Santa!
Some of the tricks I have heard or read about that has helped children smile while on Santa’s lap are as follows:
First trick, talk to them in advance about Santa and how “big boys and girls” sit on Santa’s lap and get their picture taken.
Second trick, Have a piece of candy when walking up to Santa and show it to your child when they sit on his lap. Sometimes a little sugar will get children to smile!
Third trick, use the line “But you have to tell Santa what you want for Christmas; otherwise he won’t know what to get you.
Forth trick, let them know that you will take them to get something to eat at one of their favorite places or bring them to someplace they enjoy, only if they behave and smile.
Hope this helps you get the perfect picture and smile.
Please enjoy the pictures from our DeTray’s retreat we had this past weekend in Leavenworth, WA. This weather was cold, but the scenery was spectacular. Also, check out our facebook page for additional things about DeTray’s.

Holiday work Retreat for DeTrays Custom Housing Puyallup, Washington

Holiday work Retreat for DeTrays Custom Housing. Pictures taken at Leavenworth, Washington December 5, 2015

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