If You Snooze, You May Lose

Covid-19 has affected every aspect of our lives, especially in housing. Businesses have been shut down completely or temporarily, causing shortages in product availability. Our Kit and Skyline manufacturing factories have protected their employees by closing and cleaning several times. 

The building industry has been hard-hit as lumber, roofing, sheet rock, insulation, flooring and other housing component prices have sky-rocketed in the past 6 months. The factories have added a “Material Surcharge” to cover these increases. Customers that were not ready last spring are shocked at the increases when they come back now to get started. Some things to ponder:

They aren’t making any more land. More building means less land available. Many “Parks” are full.

Summer fires destroyed thousands of acres of trees. Lumber prices will continue to go up.

Some suppliers will not recover. Selection and availability will be limited, raising prices, causing delays.

Kit and Skyline will continue to protect employees by closing and cleaning, delaying deliveries.

Site development costs will also rise for all the above reasons, besides the difficulty of Permit Departments, Inspectors, Appraisers, Septic Designers etc., working sporadic hours and not being available.

Every part of your project: House, Land, Development will cost more going forward than if you act now.

Interest rates are still historically low. You can borrow more money and have a lower payment. Limit the increases by moving forward now. If you need more room for a growing family, or want to downsize, this is the time to act. Waiting will make every part of the process more difficult and much more expensive. There will never be a better time to have a beautiful DeTray’s custom home for your family. Begin now. Enjoy the home sooner and relax, no matter what lies ahead. DeTray’s Custom Housing is offering a $500 discount with your deposit to start before January 15, 2021! Let us help you “Live happily ever after” in a beautiful DeTray’s home.

Lora Whitemarsh

Lora Whitemarsh

Housing Consultant
DeTray’s Custom Housing

Facing Challenging Times

The threat from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken our country and much of the world to conditions that we would not have imagined just a few months ago.  Regardless of the level of severity we actually experience in this country, we want you to be assured that at DeTray’s Custom Housing, we are doing everything we can to ensure we remain fully capable of supporting you and your home buying needs.  We maintain a small staff and our offices are very rarely crowded.  We have drastically increased our sterilization practices to protect both our staff and our clients.

In the highly unlikely event that we would need to close our office due to any health or other disaster related event, we have proactively taken steps necessary to ensure that our team members have the tools and resources to continue operating under normal business conditions.

We hope that we have taken these efforts in preparedness for conditions that will not materialize.  However, we want you to know that we will be here for you no matter what conditions may arise.  

The last few weeks have showcased a very volatile time in the market. From a general perspective, the market does not like uncertainty and we have had a number of events that have increased market anxiety.  That being said, interest rates are still at the lowest we’ve seen in the last ten years. 

Despite the market uncertainty, it is great time to buy a manufactured home, we would love the opportunity to help you.

Make sure to check out year-end savings on select models!  We have three new homes coming in soon, we’re ready to serve you.