Spring Forward

“Spring Forward”. Yes, the clock moved forward on February 11 at 2:00AM PST, one hour, and we all lost one hour of sleep. So if you feel a little tired on Sunday, it is in part that we are saving energy by having more daylight to use and thereby using less light and heat at home. Here at DeTray’s, we have moved our Open Hours to 9:00 am to 6:00 pm M-S, and Noon to 5:00 pm on Sundays, providing more daylight viewing hours for our lot model homes.

“Springing into Action”. Now is a time when many customers come into DeTray’s Model Home Center to look, plan and order their homes. Orders placed in Spring with our factories often get designed, built and delivered during Summer and Fall seasons, so don’t wait, Spring into Action Today!

“Spring Forward and Save”. Land is being bought and developed at a pace that is incredibly fast, forcing prices to climb. Add to that lumber prices, steel prices, and other items used in home production expected to climb. What can you do now to save money? When you finalize your purchase of a custom home, future building cost increases will not be included in your home cost. So, when you order your home with DeTray’s Custom Housing, please inquire with our associates on how to secure your home purchase price.

“Spring on Down”. Visit us at the Puyallup RV Show May 3rd – 6th at the fairgrounds in Puyallup. DeTray’s Custom Housing once again will help sponsor Manufactured Housing Day on May 3rd. For more information on the many discounts available, go to puyalluprvshow.com.

We hope you will jump like a rabbit into Spring like we are, see you at the show!


Mike Buck
Housing Consultant


Loving Your Home

Happy February to all. Since it is the month of love and many celebrating Valentine’s Day, I thought it only appropriate to write about why so many people have fallen in love with their home from DeTray’s Custom Housing here in Puyallup.

We carry two of the top builders in the industry, KIT and Skyline. Both of these builders offer a beautiful and high quality product with amenities and options to make every dream come true.

Whether you are looking for a single wide unit or a large triple, you will be pleased with the abundance of floor plans offered by both builders. Our builders start from the ground up with quality construction from floor to ceiling. Exterior options such as siding, roofing, porches and more. Interior walls that are tape and textured with rounded corners and a choice of several interior colors. Beautiful linoleum, carpeting and more for flooring. A wide range of appliance options allows you to create your dream kitchen, which is the focal point for many of our homeowners.

The ability to customize their new home and make it their own is just one of the reasons why customers design their home with us and refer their friends and family to DeTray’s.
Our main focus at DeTray’s is not just building your dream home but building relationships. We take the time to learn about every customer’s needs and wants. We encourage you to visit our models and talk with one of our amazing housing consultants. We know once you see the quality of craftsmanship, array of customization and competitive pricing, you too will fall in love with your new home. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy New Year – 2018

Just a quick word about the “Healthy You”. Walk with vigor, this can lower blood pressure and Cholesterol. Give a “hug” or get a “hug”, this will release a feel-good hormone!

Per AARP the Magazine…
New Year, new thoughts about future decisions in relocating, housing and affordability.

According to AARP the Magazine, the population in numbers are; ages 89 and older equals 3 million people, ages 71-88 equals 26.2 million people, and 52-70 equals 72.9 million people. De Tray’s Custom Housing has seen an influx of these folks going on 2 years now. Folks that want to downsize, relocate back to Washington state and live in a single-story home.

You are able to place a manufactured home on a piece of land or go into a planned community near golfing, restaurants, churches and clubhouse activities. Life is good!
Here at DeTray’s Custom Housing in Puyallup, we are able to offer the most updated options available. Items such as a farmhouse sink with apron, subway tile for back splash, ceramic tile for showers, appliance packages from white, black and stainless steel. Many of our plans are custom-ordered for you!

Please feel free to visit our Sales Center Lot in Puyallup. New Year, New Homes.


Marlene LeMoine
Senior Housing Consultant

Holiday Greetings 2017

Holiday Greetings from DeTrays Custom Housing

As the 2017 year comes to a close, our thoughts turn to gratefulness for another successful year and the people we were able to help with new homes. We truly enjoy working with people to enable them to customize their personal choices into a home they will enjoy for years to come.

We look toward 2018 with great optimism and will be attending the Puyallup RV Show in early May with a new cabin-style model. I personally really enjoy going to the shows as we get to speak to folks we otherwise may not get to see. It is always fun and interesting to hear comments about our homes like, “Wow, I had no idea these homes are this beautiful” or “What is this? A manufactured home? I think my grandma had one once”.

Our homes definitely aren’t your grandma’s mobile home anymore. We build the most energy efficient, cost effective, innovative custom homes in the Northwest. Please take a look at a few of our models at detrayscustomhousing.com or better yet, visit our Puyallup location and see several model homes, fully furnished and decorated so you can envision your next home.

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Boxing Day, and if I forgot someone, Happy Day to you too.

Dana DeTray, General Manager

Interesting Facts About Today’s Manufactured Homes

The Manufactured Homes of today are nothing like Grandma’s old “Trailer” or “Mobile Home”.  No factory has built a “Mobile Home” for over 40 years.  Congress passed the “Manufactured Housing Construction and Standards Act of 1974” which became law on June 15, 1976.  This Federally mandated, national construction standard is known as the HUD Code.  The HUD Code has been updated regularly to improve storm resistance and quality. Homes manufactured since 1976 are built to the HUD Code.  They are classified as “Manufactured Homes”.

Manufactured Homes are built in huge enclosed factories utilizing assembly-line techniques.  Team members specialize in building one part of the home, then the home moves down the line to the next production area.  We build hundreds of homes every year.  Our factories get huge bulk discounts on components and there is almost no waste.  Those savings are passed along to our customers.  Manufactured homes are never exposed to the elements until the roof is in place.

Manufactured homes use the same materials: roofing, siding, sheet rock, appliances, as site built homes.  The media images of destruction in the aftermath of hurricanes are of “Mobile Homes”, not HUD built Manufactured Homes.  Our homes have already traveled from the factory to the site, bouncing down the road at 65 mph.  They sustain “stormy weather” for 5-8 hours during delivery!

Manufactured homes, tied to the foundation on private property, are considered “Real Estate” and qualify for VA, FHA and Conventional mortgages.  Manufactured homes in Parks are financed as personal property or “Chattel Loans”.  DeTray’s works with banks to help secure your loan.

Manufactured homes can appreciate in value similar to other homes.  Appreciation depends on the stability of the area, supply and demand, how the home is maintained and location.

DeTray’s Custom Housing is the best choice for a beautiful Manufactured Home.  Our team can develop the property, customize the home to meet your needs and service the home when it arrives on site.  DeTray’s has been in business 55 years.  We know how to work through the process and we do it right.  We would love to help design your dream home so you can “Live happily ever after”!



Lora Whitemarsh

Housing Consultant

Great Time to Start the Process

Big changes are in the air!  Cool weather, autumn leaves, and the excitement of a new season.  I’m also starting a new season in my life.  I’m thrilled to be working with the great people at DeTray’s Custom Housing in Puyallup!  I have been selling Manufactured Homes with different dealers for 17 years.  This family-owned business has outlasted every other dealer on South Hill.  They understand what customers want in a home, and how to put a land/home or park package together.  The quality of our Kit and Skyline homes can be seen and felt when you step into one of our eight furnished models.  Other dealers may start with a low price but charge extra for solid wood cabinets, tile backsplashes, toe-kick heat registers, blinds, and delivery/set-up.  All these items, and many more, are standard in our homes, no surprises.

Autumn is a great time to start the process.  If you have an old home that is turning into a “Money Pit”, we can replace it with a beautiful new home. The building departments are not as busy with new permit applications.  The contractors have more time to do site development visits. The factories are catching up from the summer rush.  If you are looking for property, the grass is dying, the puddles are forming, and you can see what the land looks like.  Start now and enjoy your new home next summer, and every season of your life!

Lora Whitemarsh
Housing Consultant

All About the Customer

Hi all,
As you can see, I have surpassed my 1 year of employment, (actually going on 1 ½ years) with DeTray’s Custom Housing and I must say this job has been most rewarding.  I’ve had the opportunity to tour the factories of the homes that we represent and it has given me additional insight and understanding. To be sure, this industry is very complicated in terms of all the moving parts that need to come together for overall success. Over the past year, I have been able to zero in not only on the needs of our customers, but also provide solutions for their housing needs.  We are all about the customer, helping them become aware of the options they might not have thought about. We are passionate and take great pride in sharing valuable information that our customers need to know to make quality decisions.

The results are customers that are excited about their new home, because it was designed for them!  I invite you to stop by and visit us and discover for yourself why we are the #1 dealer in Washington. I look forward to meeting you! See you then!

Michelle Dux, Housing Consultant

Factory Tour of Kit Homebuilders West

Our recent Kit Homebuilders West Factory Tour was impressive and informative. Several factors impressed me from the beginning. The first is that the Factory Tours are conducted by management, not just anyone on site. Kit feels that if someone is willing to take the time to come to Caldwell, Idaho to consider their homes, then they will show them the respect that such a visit deserves. We were given a comfortable room at a clean and modern hotel nearby. We had a delicious meal that evening that was provided by a local restaurant and a great breakfast at the hotel the following morning before our tour. We had a rental car, since we flew over to Boise first, however, I am sure someone would have picked us up if needed.

The tour lasted a few hours with all aspects of the factory on view to see. Many homes were being staged with many more being constructed under the immense roof. Workers were performing tasks from basic to complicated with skill and craftsmanship. These homes were inspected and re-inspected at multiple levels of completion. I always liked the slogan, “the quality goes in before the name goes on”. While not this factory’s slogan, it certainly could be.

This was a most memorable trip and in turn, I hope to share some of the beauty and unique features that I observed at Kit Homebuilders West with others. So, if you’re looking for value and comfort built into your next custom home, let DeTray’s and Kit team up to serve your needs.

Happy touring!

Mike Buck

DeTray’s at the Puyallup RV Show

DeTray’s Custom Housing, based out of the South Hill of Puyallup, will be displaying Skyline’s “Sea Breeze” at the Puyallup RV Show from May 4-7. This home, which features oversized windows, natural wood cabinets, low maintenance floor coverings, plus a very inviting front porch, would be eye candy for anyone’s waterfront vacation property.  Join us!



  (Click on photo collage to enlarge.)


Be a Smart and Informed Consumer

Today we are so informed on so many consumer goods, from vehicles to homes. The internet provides us with all the information you could need or want, but it does not differentiate a good deal or a bad purchase. Only you can determine that!

I have been in the manufactured home industry for many years now and I can give you an example of an uninformed buyer. I received a phone call from a gentleman asking about a particular sized home and wanted a base price (stock model). When I have him the base price, he was floored. Then he told me he had a much lower price off the internet (Oregon dealer). So I said, why didn’t you buy it if it was such a deal?

He was unaware that the online, out-of-state purchase DID NOT include sales tax, delivery to the site, a normal block set, an interior finish and carpet installed or cleaning of the home.

“Out-of-state” purchases may contain risks to the consumer, here are some RED FLAGS to be aware of:

  • The seller may not be licensed or bonded
  • A pre-payment may require 100% total due before delivery, if the home you ordered is not what you wanted, you have no leverage or recourse
  • “Out-of-State” dealers are not required to carry insurance through delivery of the home
  • The dealer may not be required to give a home warranty once transported across the state line

In the State of Washington, retailers are licensed, bonded and subject to laws designed to protect you, the consumer.  For more information, you may contact our governing agencies, Northwest Housing Association, Labor & Industries and the Department of Licensing.


Happy House Hunting!

Marlene Lemoine, Sr. Housing Consultant