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Below is a guest blog post by our new employee, Michelle…

Michelle Dux

Michelle Dux

I must say, I was more than pleasantly surprised! The experience was not only challenging (so much information to learn and disseminate) but educational, inspiring, motivating, rewarding and so much fun. I know – tell me more, right?

My first 30 days as a Housing Consultant at DeTray’s Custom Housing has been one of the best experiences that I have had starting a new job. It was a bit overwhelming at first, well it still is, there are so many parts that contribute to owning a manufactured home, but it’s all coming together. Just learning the model numbers and the standard features of the homes were challenging, but once learned, a piece of cake. The best parts of my day are the wonderful customers walking in the door, full of questions that I didn’t know, but contributing to my ongoing education on a daily basis. Looking back at my first day, I am amazed at how much I have learned which allows me the ability to share and educate the customers so they can make the best possible decision. And last but not least, I am surrounded by an outstanding management team with years of experience and talent that has been the foundation of my experience and growth. I truly wish that everyone could have the opportunity to at least once in their lifetime experience the joy of having a fun job!!

2 thoughts on “New Job Perspective

  1. Hi Michelle!!
    Its so nice to hear your positive attitude. And every word you wrote
    is exactly how I feel about working at the DeTray’s sales center! I only fill in from time to time, and have known the office staff for about three years. I adore and respect them. I’ve known the DeTray’s for many more years. You couldn’t ask or get a better group of people to work with and learn from!! It’s a very rewarding position you are holding there. And I’m so happy that you sound like you will add even more! Congratulations and keep up the good work Michelle. I can’t wait to meet you.
    Linda Fraley

  2. Welcome to the Team. I love this company. My Husband and I are working with Zac and we were working with Jonathan.We are looking to build the ‘Timberland’ with the big porch. It has been a year process for us due to our unique financial situation – waiting for my husbands pension to kick in, in Oct. But they have been so patient with me and all my numerous and never ending question list!

    I envy you. I would love to be there every day. So congratulations on your new position.

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