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Where do I start? Let me tell you a little about myself. I am new to this sales position. I have never attempted any type of sales in my time, so it’s been quite a change for me.

There is quite a bit to learn in this field of work. Even though I’ve never been in sales, I have been around the manufactured home scene for quite some time. My mother has been involved in the business for close to 30 years. Growing up, I would visit the dealership she worked for, sometimes cleaning the lot models. Also, we would go and clean pre-owned manufactured homes which were listing through the dealership. I was about 10 or 11 years old at the time. I eventually worked with the set-up crew when I was 16. Back then, the homes were so different from today’s manufactured home.

The construction of today’s manufactured home is quite impressive in comparison to when I was a boy. We have a great variety of model homes on the DeTrays’s Custom Housing lot that showcase the evolution of the manufactured home industry. You should stop by and take a tour!

1227 exteriorWhen I started here at DeTray’s, I was blown away with the quality and materials used in today’s manufactured homes…products such as  Cemplank, Smart Panel, Cascade Windows, Formica and WilsonArt counter tops. Cambria quartz, granite and solid surface materials are now available. Laminate wood flooring and much more.  It truly is NOT your “grandparents” mobile home.

The “options” today are like HGTV and allow custom built homes for you! The affordability factor is still there with a manufactured home, why wouldn’t you choose a manufactured home? Especially with the rising cost of homes, we provide custom, quality-built homes with the same materials as a site-built home. Built in a controlled environment is a big plus, especially with the weather conditions in our Northwest area.

Growing up with my mother in the business and working for some of the dealerships back then has helped me with the sales end of it. She also raised me and my sister in family communities.

My sales advice is to do some research on your own, visit other related businesses (dealerships) and go back to the person (company) that you felt was the best in their presentation, product knowledge and overall experience in what they do.

I’m looking forward to this change and this new career path. I have known Dana and Diane DeTray since I was a young boy. They have both been great to work for and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I have been trying to soak in as much information as possible and am looking forward to further learning the business and helping people reach their goal of home ownership.

Zac Phillips, Housing Consultant


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  1. Great post Zac. We look forward to coming back again. We can not wait to get the process started. Just waiting on some doc to come. Have an awesome day.

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