Meet Our New Sales Assistant

Prior to working at DeTray’s Custom Housing, I had a very different view of the entire concept of manufactured homes. I viewed them as sub-par homes and a ‘cheap way out’. In my past perspective, I understood these homes as the cheaper option for potential buyers. As I entered the amazing world of custom housing, I quickly realized how wrong I was. While manufactured homes can be a less expensive option for buyers, the quality does not differ. I understood the stigma around buying manufactured or “mobile” homes, but after looking through a Skyline or Kit custom home, understanding the standard features of each, and learning the true quality of each house, I believe buying a custom manufactured home is definitely one of the best choices to make. With the houses coming standard with desirable and convenient features, Kit and Skyline also offer incredible optional upgrades, so you can truly make any floorplan your home. I’m glad I was introduced to all of the upsides and conveniences of building your own custom home, as I now have the opportunity to share this new perspective with potential buyers, particularly buyers coming in with the same skepticism I once exuded.

My first week at DeTray’s Custom Housing has been the most engaging, refreshing, and collaborative introduction to a work place I’ve experienced. As overwhelming as it is to become accustomed to a new job, especially with this level of complexity, the DeTray’s team creates a welcoming and patient environment for all, offering help where needed, as well as challenges designed for growth. With differing situations and scenarios, working at DeTray’s creates opportunity for substantial growth on a daily basis. The most rewarding aspect for me is being presented with questions or tasks that I’m not already knowledgeable about. This not only gives me the chance to clarify with questions to involve myself further, but also contributes to my ongoing education and drive. 

In comparison to my first day, I’m more than proud of myself with the progress I’ve made, thanks to my amazing mentors, who maintain an enjoyable, yet professional place of work. I am extremely thankful to be given the opportunity to work in a surrounding as diverse and stimulating as DeTray’s, where there is room for significant improvement, and rewarding components. I can’t wait to see my further improvement in the future, and my further involvement in maintaining such an accessible and accommodating environment, for staff and customers.

Please stop and see me soon, I look forward to meeting you.


Bronwyn Williams – Sales Assistant

3 thoughts on “Meet Our New Sales Assistant

  1. In time you will learn that the ONLY type of home to buy is a manufactured home.I congratulate you on working for a quality dealer as there aren’t to many left in this area.I have owned two manufactured homes in the past and it IS the only type of home I would buy again if I was able to do so.Stick with it and with Detray’s, you will do alright.

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