New Year, Healthy You, New Home?

Happy New Year to All,

Just a quick word about the “Healthy You”. Walk with vigor, this can lower blood pressure and Cholesterol. Give a “hug” or get a “hug”, this will release a feel-good hormone!

Per AARP the Magazine…
New Year, new thoughts about future decisions in relocating, housing and affordability. According to AARP the Magazine, the population in numbers are; ages 89 and older equals 3 million people, ages 71-88 equals 26.2 million people, and 52-70 equals 72.9 million people. DeTray’s Custom Housing has seen an influx of these folks going on 2 years now. Folks that want to downsize, relocate back to Washington state and live in a single-story home.

You are able to place a manufactured home on a piece of land or go into a planned community near golfing, restaurants, churches and clubhouse activities. Life is good!

Here at DeTray’s Custom Housing in Puyallup, we are able to offer the most updated options available. Items such as a farmhouse sink with apron, subway tile for backsplash, ceramic tile for showers, appliance packages from white, black and stainless steel design. Many of our plans are custom-ordered for you! Please feel free to visit our Sales Center Lot in Puyallup.

New Year, New Homes!
Marlene LeMoine





Get Your Bang for the Buck

I wanted to talk to you about getting the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to buying a home. If you look at today’s building materials in our new manufactured homes, they are what I see on today’s construction sites. I drive around and see various housing developments, apartment homes, new commercial buildings and they all have one thing in common. You guessed it, the materials used to build. I see O.S.B. board, 2×4’s, 2×6’s, sheet rock, Tyvek house wrap and the list goes on. Our homes from DeTray’s have all the same materials, real wood studs, joists and trusses, top-grade roofing materials, energy star windows, insulation, siding and doors just like a home built today.

You want Quartz counter tops, tiled showers, name-brand appliances, Hardie lap siding, metal roofs, all for far less that the competitors offer? Then come see us today. Most new homes built today range from the mid 300’s up to 500k. Why pay so much for something that is built with the same materials as today’s manufactured homes? Manufactured home building standards are quite impressive given the manufactured homes history; it is almost night and day. This is a good thing for the consumer who is looking for home ownership, not everyone has 350K to go buy a 2-story home in a neighborhood, on a “postage stamp” lot and no parking. Reach out and give your neighbor a high-five without leaving your home! Well, thanks but no thanks, that’s just my opinion. In today’s market and your average cost of living, who wouldn’t like to have a custom home built with quality building materials for 30% less and have a large piece of land you can actually do things with? Not having an H.O.A. telling you what you can or cannot do on your land? No thank you. I know what sounds more appealing to me. Home ownership with fewer restrictions, a bigger lot and larger home for less. That is high value. That is more “bang for your buck“!

With that said, I encourage you to look into today’s manufactured homes and just see what might be a perfect solution to your housing needs. Hope to see you soon here at DeTray’s Custom Housing. Stop by and see me at 10209 149th St. E. in Puyallup.

Happy Holidays!

Zac Phillips – Housing Consultant

Skyline Corporation’s Mega Factory Tour


Traveling South from DeTray’s Custom Housing we are headed for McMinnville, Oregon; home of Howard Hughes Spruce Goose, Linfield College, and Skyline’s Mega Manufacturing Facility. Estimated arrival time is two and half hours away.

Upon arriving at Skyline, we were promptly greeted and introduced to a young man who outfitted us with OSHA Safety Gear, hard hat, safety vest, and goggles. Yes, these are required!

As we entered the vast building we were given instructions that were intended to keep us safe during our visit. A need for caution was obvious as we saw a moving chain pulling huge sections of manufactured homes from one end to another. The rat-a-tat-tat of machine gun sounding nail guns made it clear that this was a very busy environment.

Winding our way from one end toward the other while ducking and turning, we walked past many floors. Some had walls, roofs, plumbing, windows, and more. Each had a different level of completeness. These levels diminished as we move toward the Birth of each home. It was evident that organization was and is paramount to the success of this company – system where each worker is skilled at their specific role, as they greeted each new floor.

We arrived at the entrance where the magic begins, where the long steel frames are attached to their carriages and the OSB flooring becomes the solid surface for someone’s home. Floors are moving as skilled craftsmen assemble each step under the Foreman’s watchful eye. I was amazed at the efficiency, cleanliness, and professional approach each worker exhibited. I saw the Shop Foreman speaking to workers in the plant, not simply sitting behind a desk.

After the tour, we took off our OSHA required gear and met some of the team responsible for keeping supplies flowing. We saw how Skyline kept track of each home section as it was ordered, built, and completed. We experienced where the finished sections were prepared and stored for their final trip to some lucky manufactured home Home Owner.

I highly recommend this tour for anyone serious about buying a Custom Home. Skyline will convince you that their Goal is “Bringing America Home, Bringing America Fun”.

Happy Holidays,





Mike Buck

DeTray’s Custom Housing

Why We Have Model Homes

"We have so much to offer..." Michelle Dux

“We have so much to offer…” Michelle Dux

Do you know what I love about Detray’s model homes? They all have well-appointed features for the purpose of showing the customization that is available to the buyers. Who doesn’t want a one-of-a-kind home?

We take great pride in pointing out what the standard features are, so that our customers can accurately compare and determine the true value of the home that works best for them rather than the best “price”. Our focus as “Housing Consultants” is to help our customers make the best decision for them. We hope they are taking advantage of the knowledge available to them to help them make the best decision.

I might have been here a short time, but I have customers coming back to purchase because they were given the information to “help” them make a “forever home” decision that will impact them for a lifetime. And folks, that’s the true measure of reward for everyone!

Land-Home Packages vs. Home Only in Planned Community

MarleneGreetings to all!

Today I will talk about our Land/Home packages vs Home Only in a planned community.

The home choices you make today can depend on where you are in life!
During my many years in the industry I have personally owned 4 manufactured homes. I am currently in a planned senior community. I like the fact that I can have a home built to my needs and wants.
The “Silver Tsunami” is here according to “AARP”. Our baby boomers are arriving in “bus loads”, a whole new group of folks that are now looking to make life changing decisions such as ; relocating to get closer to kids and grandchildren, downsizing from large homes with stairs and moving out of the city to a less congested area avoiding ever-rising property taxes.

Our unique custom-ordered homes can be placed where you want to live.
We service the state of Washington and are able to assist you wherever you chose to reside.

1.  The cost of the HOME is ordered to suite your budget, needs and wants.
2.  The cost of the LAND is making the choice of location, size of property and neighborhood.
3.  The DEVELOPMENT costs; involves permits, water, sewer or septic and electric installation. Many buyers are also wanting carports or garages.
You will get a full itemized written bid required by your lender.

This is a New Construction Manufactured Home Loan which consists of the 3 components wrapped up into one loan package. This can be financed as a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Once you have chosen a parcel of land you are able to return to your local dealer and start the process. This project becomes real estate.

1.  The cost of the HOME custom-ordered to your budget, needs and wants.
2.  The cost of the park-package requirement; such as type of skirting, decks, carports or garages.
3.  Leased land; when you come upon a newer development you have choice lots.

This purchase is considered Personal Property. There are many advantages to going into a planned community. Many communities offer amenities such as; Clubhouse, swimming pools, golf, social events and much more! Your responsibility is only the home maintenance. Everything in the ground is the owner’s responsibility. Not only is your tax structure different because it is personal property, calculated at a different rate, you may also qualify for tax exemptions.

Wishing the best housing choices for you!
Marlene LeMoine

New Job Perspective – Zac Phillips

Where do I start? Let me tell you a little about myself. I am new to this sales position. I have never attempted any type of sales in my time, so it’s been quite a change for me.

There is quite a bit to learn in this field of work. Even though I’ve never been in sales, I have been around the manufactured home scene for quite some time. My mother has been involved in the business for close to 30 years. Growing up, I would visit the dealership she worked for, sometimes cleaning the lot models. Also, we would go and clean pre-owned manufactured homes which were listing through the dealership. I was about 10 or 11 years old at the time. I eventually worked with the set-up crew when I was 16. Back then, the homes were so different from today’s manufactured home.

The construction of today’s manufactured home is quite impressive in comparison to when I was a boy. We have a great variety of model homes on the DeTrays’s Custom Housing lot that showcase the evolution of the manufactured home industry. You should stop by and take a tour!

1227 exteriorWhen I started here at DeTray’s, I was blown away with the quality and materials used in today’s manufactured homes…products such as  Cemplank, Smart Panel, Cascade Windows, Formica and WilsonArt counter tops. Cambria quartz, granite and solid surface materials are now available. Laminate wood flooring and much more.  It truly is NOT your “grandparents” mobile home.

The “options” today are like HGTV and allow custom built homes for you! The affordability factor is still there with a manufactured home, why wouldn’t you choose a manufactured home? Especially with the rising cost of homes, we provide custom, quality-built homes with the same materials as a site-built home. Built in a controlled environment is a big plus, especially with the weather conditions in our Northwest area.

Growing up with my mother in the business and working for some of the dealerships back then has helped me with the sales end of it. She also raised me and my sister in family communities.

My sales advice is to do some research on your own, visit other related businesses (dealerships) and go back to the person (company) that you felt was the best in their presentation, product knowledge and overall experience in what they do.

I’m looking forward to this change and this new career path. I have known Dana and Diane DeTray since I was a young boy. They have both been great to work for and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I have been trying to soak in as much information as possible and am looking forward to further learning the business and helping people reach their goal of home ownership.

Zac Phillips, Housing Consultant


Mobile Homes Vs. Manufactured Homes….What is the Difference?

question-markAs the newest member of the team at Detray’s Custom Housing in Puyallup, Washington, I am frequently asked what the difference is between our homes (manufactured homes) and mobile homes. Knowing that the Detray Team is always about offering the highest level of information and professional advice, I set out to make sure I understood the facts. Here is what I have learned.
As early as the 1920’s, mobile homes were being pulled by automobiles (back then there were even blurred lines between travel trailers and mobile homes!) Mobile homes were often created as simple sleeping areas without plumbing and bathrooms. In the 1940’s, bathrooms were introduced and the size of mobile homes grew to the point that folks began to use them as retreats and vacation homes. Important point….Prior to 1946 there were no construction standards for mobile homes! After World War II, returning veterans were looking for affordable housing and turned to mobile homes. In June, 1946, the federal government stepped up their involvement in the mobile home industry and enacted the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act. Mobile homes were then required to be built under the regulations of HUD (Housing and Urban Development).
Here’s the key! What’s the difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home? It’s all in the date! According to HUD, a factory-built home prior to June 15, 1976 is a mobile home and one built after June 15, 1976 is a manufactured home. Here are some common traits of manufactured homes:
* • Usually built in a factory and taken to the property where they are set up
* • May be built on metal frame for transportation purposes.
* • Customization by builders produce Manufactured Homes to your specifications.
Modern Day
Many of today’s manufactured homes are being built to standards that rival high-end, site-built homes. Yes, there are still manufactured home builders that have kept “one toe in the old-school pond”; however, the modern, educated consumer is demanding that a high-quality manufactured home be placed on their land or in a park. I believe this trend is good for the industry and that the savings achieved for home buyers by manufacturers producing these beautiful homes inside a dry and level factory will continue to deliver construction and, therefore, financial advantages to the consumer.
Today’s modern homes are built with 2×6 construction, Quartz or Granite countertops, Ceramic Tile Backsplashes, Laminate Floors, Low e Glass Windows, Energy Star Ratings, 30-year Lap Siding, Architectural Shingles, Beautiful Wood Cabinets, and much, much, more!
If you want a custom home built with high-quality interiors and exteriors, featuring the finest materials available; and, you want to purchase that custom home at a significant savings over a site-built home, consider buying a modern, manufactured home!
For more information on materials, floor plans and other information, contact me: or go to Detray’s Custom Housing website.

Join Us at Our Open House in Ocean Shores

With recent improvements in the economy, we’re seeing quite a bit of interest in secondary homes for “get-away” purposes. Some prefer to call it a “Stay-cation” opportunity, a way to combine vacation time with having the comforts of home. A home out in the country, on the beach or just away from the daily hustle and bustle…many find it a great way to connect with family and friends.

Your “home away from home” is always available, ready when you are. Can you imagine leaving home to go on a vacation, leaving that routine behind, going to warm, comfortable surroundings where you can meet family and friends in the comfort of your vacation home? Or just get away for a few days to relax and unwind?

Many of our customers have been surprised to find how affordable this lifestyle can be. With size options and literally hundreds of options, you can have the perfect staycation getaway for your needs. DeTray’s Custom Housing works with three builders, Skyline Homes, Kit Homebuilders and Karsten Homes to customize a fit for you. Small cabin, “tiny home”, multi-bedroom? We work to build your own perfect paradise by first arranging the pre-planning of the custom design of the home. We then arrange to obtain all necessary feasibility issues to place your vacation home on your lot and build the home package to your specifications including options, colors, furnishings and budget.

While we can place your home anywhere in the great Northwest, there’s been quite a bit of interest for this type of home out on the Pacific Coast. Please join us at our Open House in Ocean Shores to get a feel for this type of get-away and get all of your questions answered. We look forward to seeing you!

Ocean Shores Model Home

Ocean Shores Model Home


Open House at Ocean Shores:

When: July 2nd & 3rd, 2016
Where: 373 Canal Dr NE
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
See: Our Model Home

New Job Perspective

Below is a guest blog post by our new employee, Michelle…

Michelle Dux

Michelle Dux

I must say, I was more than pleasantly surprised! The experience was not only challenging (so much information to learn and disseminate) but educational, inspiring, motivating, rewarding and so much fun. I know – tell me more, right?

My first 30 days as a Housing Consultant at DeTray’s Custom Housing has been one of the best experiences that I have had starting a new job. It was a bit overwhelming at first, well it still is, there are so many parts that contribute to owning a manufactured home, but it’s all coming together. Just learning the model numbers and the standard features of the homes were challenging, but once learned, a piece of cake. The best parts of my day are the wonderful customers walking in the door, full of questions that I didn’t know, but contributing to my ongoing education on a daily basis. Looking back at my first day, I am amazed at how much I have learned which allows me the ability to share and educate the customers so they can make the best possible decision. And last but not least, I am surrounded by an outstanding management team with years of experience and talent that has been the foundation of my experience and growth. I truly wish that everyone could have the opportunity to at least once in their lifetime experience the joy of having a fun job!!

Seattle Home Show & The MHRV Show Success

Seattle home and garden show and the MHRV show was a great success. After the final numbers came in, the shows experienced a 14% increase in visitors from previous years. Our facebook also receive a huge bump by gaining over 5,000 reviews. With people saying words like “Awesome”, “Cool”, “Wow”, “Amazing”, and “Unbelievable” as well as other sayings, we feel we accomplished our goal by introducing something new and exciting. We continually try to grow with the demand and find ways to amaze everyone.

Other news you may like to hear is that Last Week’s Economic News in Review stated:

Winter slowed the pace of housing construction, while lay-offs continued to drop and core inflation saw a sizable gain.

Housing Starts

January’s cold snap had its impact on real estate as housing starts and building permits both contracted during the month.

Permits issued for housing units of all types dipped to an annual rate of 1,202,000 for the month, marking a 0.2 percent decline from the December rate of 1,204,000, according to last week’s report from the Census Bureau. Similarly, permits issued for single-family homes in January notched down to a rate of 720,000, which was a 1.6 percent decline from December’s pace of 732,000.

Actual starts on housing units of all types in January dropped to an annual rate of 1,099,000, which was 3.8 percent down from December’s rate of 1,143,000. Starts on single-family homes fell to a rate of 731,000, which was 3.9 percent off from December’s rate of 761,000.

“Despite the modest dip in starts this month, we expect to see ongoing, gradual growth in housing production in 2016,” National Association of Home Builders’ Chief Economist David Crowe wrote in a public statement. “An improving economy, solid job creation and pent-up demand for housing should keep the market moving forward.”

Additional good news is that spring is near and weather conditions are improving. This always creates motivation for buyers and sellers. Now is the time to get back in gear to sell, find, and buy.

We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to come view our version of the “tiny home”. This trend currently is very popular with the nation and many other countries. Our “little home” version we displayed at Seattle’s Century Link had many viewing a manufactured home for the first time. It seems as though society as a whole is looking at other affordable housing options and realize the benefits from living in a manufactured home.

For those who visited the show or did not get a chance to come see us, the factory is extending the special that was offered to homes ordered. The “Little home” displayed is now back at our property as well as our new Evergreen home. This is our new 1765 Square Foot Home custom built by Skyline. The design is an open floor plan with many upgraded options, including quartz counter tops and a beautiful 72″ walk in tiled shower. We are confident you will get the “Wow” factor on the homes once you get a viewing.

Hope to see you soon!